QA for recruiters

How did I learn to code?

I started learning to code in 2016, after my bachelor's degree in Design. I was working as a graphic designer, but I wanted to learn how to code to be able to create my own websites and apps. I was taught HTML and CSS in college, but I didn't know anything about JavaScript. I started learning JavaScript on my own, and I was able to get a job as a FrontEnd Developer after 6 months of self-learning. I've been working as a FrontEnd Developer since 2017.

How did I end up in Norway?

My and my wife moved from Chile to Norway in 2022. She's currently studying a master's degree in Interaction Design at NTNU in Gjøvik. While I kept working remotely for my previous employer.

What's my immigration status?

I have a family immigration permit, which allows me to work full-time in Norway without any restrictions accoding to UDI. My wife has an european citizenship, so I can also work in any other country in the European Union. My current residence permit is valid until 2027. I also have a norwegian ID number and bank account.

Am I willing to move?

Yes! My wife studies can be had remotely, so we're open to move to any other city in Norway or Europe.

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